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Silver Hearts Band Toe Ring $6.95

Silver Celtic Braid Toe Ring $7.95

Silver Sun Cubic Zirconia Toe Ring $6.95

Double Dolphins Pin $12.95

Encircle your toe with love! A band of joined hearts. Sterling Silver. Item:  36918 Fun and fashionable, the classic Celtic braid pattern looks great as a toe ring! Sterling Silver. Item:  36917 The sun always sparkles from the tips of your toes, thanks to the clear Cubic Zirconia stone inset into a carefully crafted sunburst. Sterling Silver. Item:  36916 A pair of soaring dolphins lend their grace and beauty to this silver-plated pin. Rhinestones of various hues add the oceans sparkle. Item:  36903

Flip Flop with Flower Toe Ring $7.95

Sterling Silver Scroll Toe Ring $6.95

Sterling Silver Spiral Toe Ring $6.95

Silver Plated Crab Pin $12.95

A green Cubic Zirconia catches the eye, and the clever flip-flop design (complete with a flower bow) completes the statement on this clever toe ring. Sterling Silver. Item:  36915 A simple, elegant scroll design with a ball end. Sterling Silver. Item:  36914 A stylish spiral with a ball finish on each end. Sterling Silver. Item:  36913 Accessorize with a coastal flair! Features a synthetic pearl and clear stone, with silver-plating finish. Item:  36904

Blue Green Friendship Bracelet $3.95

Pink Heart Friendship Bracelet $3.95

Blue Flower Friendship Bracelet $3.95

Lucky Elephant Family Pin $12.95

Big green beads punctuated by red flowers are strung together with a bright blue nylon thread, a colorful treat for all your best friends. 10 3/4 long. Item: 36908 A many-hued, brightly beaded gift from the heart, one friend to another. 10 1/2 long. Item:  36907 An azure flower is the centerpiece of this multi-beaded, multi-colored friendship bracelet. 10 long. Item: 36906 A pachyderm family brings good fortune and good looks! Clear rhinestones, gold-plating finish. Item:  36905